Baby Walkers

There’s been some controversy when it comes to baby walkers. You should definitely use caution when letting your baby use a baby walker. But they’re also a great tool to have to keep your baby movin’ and groovin’.

For example, you should always make sure that all access to stairs is completely shut off by doors or gates. Otherwise, using a baby walker will lead to danger. Also, make sure that you have clear path for them to move around, and always make sure that your baby is within eyesight when using a baby walker.Otherwise, when your baby gets more mobile, they may start trying to climb out and get hurt while using their baby walker.

But, baby walkers also have many positives. For example, baby walkers allow your child to exercise by walking all over the place, and keep him or her moving rather than screaming in an exersaucer or jumper, which my kids happen to hate. But that’s a whole ‘nother blog entry and is totally dependent upon the child. Haha. Also, baby walkers give your baby practice for walking before they can even walk. baby-walker-thumb9372968

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  1. I’ve seen that baby walker in the photo before. What’s the brand and where did you get it?

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