My Toddler’s Frisky Hands

It started out of nowhere. I mean weaning my son at 14 months was actually not that big of a deal. He seemed to wean himself and not ask for it much. I would have breastfed longer if I hadn’t been pregnant with my second child. But, alas, it was done.

Where it all began...
Where it all began...

That’s why I was surprised when all of a sudden when he was a little over two years old, he began to have the need to stick his hand down the middle of my shirt and yes, sometimes, even on my actual nipple. Embarrassing, but true. And since he sleeps in bed with me ( Another bad habit I’m working on), it often disrupts my sleep.

So I asked my doctor about it, of course. I thought it might have been out of jealousy of his younger, still nursing, baby sister, but apparently not. My doctor told me that her own daughter, which is a single child and about the same age as my son, has been doing the same thing, and not just to get herself to sleep either. But as a public display of affection for her mother, if ya get my drift!

What does she attribute this behavior to? Just a simple a stage of a growing toddler. Even though they can walk and talk and begin to do some things for themselves, they still want the comfort of their mommy. So all you can do is be consistent with just continuing to pull his or her hand out of your shirt and letting them know that you don’t like that. But be loving and gentle about it, because like I said, they do it for comfort, and you don’t want to shock them into feeling like you still can’t be a source of love and comfort for them.

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