Fashion for Yourself

Fashion isn’t just about looking good for other people. In some muslim cultures, the women walk around all day outside of their homes fully covered in dark-fabric. What’s underneath that? Fabulous fashion and multi-colored jewelry, and the best super ideal cut diamonds you could ever see. We do something similar to that. We dress ourselves in mommy-appropriate clothes, but you know that we all desperately still want to feel beautiful, and yes, even sexy to our husbands at times.

But it’s so hard to feel like that when we’ve packed on baby weight and assumed our battle wounds- stretch marks. That’s why I recommend going for the silky tank tops to top off our undergarments. The perfect look is a silky, v-neck, spaghetti-strap tank top to match a pair of boy short panties. Theses two pieces help to make you look slimmer, and even add an extra layer of fabric to, let’s face it, mask the little bit of extra ripples that we’re still trying to work off. i have even taken to wearing hats some days. It is just something to change it up a bit. I found some really nice ones at

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