My older sister’s watch was going to be permanently wrong. Not just temporarily incorrectly ahead by six hours, but permanently wrong. If we did not switch the little hand on it accordingly, the watch would be set to the wrong time indefinitely. That was my biggest concern. That’s what I remember thinking on the flight from Rome Italy, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (I’m sure with a layover here and there) as an eight-year-old – almost nine-year-old
It’s no secret that we are a society of consumers and collectors, but living a simpler life has been proven to bring more peace and joy. So why is it that we just can’t let go of all our stuff? Why is it that we just keep buying? And then keep on working for the buying? Here’s 6 reasons why, and why we gotta stop.    1. We don’t want to be wasteful  We think
THE BACK STORY It kind of started as an accident before we realized it was a thing. Now certainly many think we may have gone mental because we’ve gone minimalist, but in the most chaotic times in our lives yet, we found peace in purging – we embraced the minimalist lifestyle and let go of the stuff. About two and a half years ago, we sold our first home – and we sold pretty much